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Used Cisco and Used Network Equipment At GGI

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  • Save up to 50-90% Off List Price on Used Cisco and used network equipment
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  • All Used Network Equipment is Fully-Tested with Testing Diagnostics
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We Buy and Sell Used Cisco and Used Network Equipment

GGI Networks' used Cisco trained personnel will help you get the used network equipment that your network needs. In fact, GGI Networks works extremely hard to keep prices low, with excellent customer service to hopefully gain your business, always helping to meet IT department budgets with a smile.

Let us also give you a quote on NEW DELL Products because GGI Networks is happy to announce that we are a GOLD PARTNER with DELL and able to give the deepest discounts on all Dell Products with lifetime support! We give the best discounted rates on used network equipment, and we also accept consignments and trade-ins. We offer Net Terms to qualified customers - for easy payments. If you are interested in more information about trading-in or putting your existing used network equipment on consignment, please give us a toll-free call at 1-800-908-9665 or provide the information in an email or fax. GGI Email is:

Go Green GloballyGGI Networks predominantly provides used Cisco Systems and refurbished Cisco Systems network equipment; however, GGI is an Authorized Gold Partner Reseller of FORCE10 Networks, Authorized Brocade Select Partner, Authorized Net Optics Partner, and an Authorized Barracuda Networks Partner - and we provide the best pricing in the industry on Force 10 Networks. Also, we buy, sell, and trade Foundry Networks, Juniper Networks, Ericsson Marconi Fore Networks, Extreme Networks, Nortel Networks, Riverstone Networks, Redback Networks, 3COM Networks, F5 Networks, and other network equipment manufacturers. Purchasing new, used and refurbished network hardware and accessories from GGI Networks will bring you incredible savings in time and money. By buying our used network equipment, you will save up to 50-99% off list prices! All used network equipment is fully-tested, and ready to ship overnight, for most orders.

The Used Network Equipment Source

Cisco Systems Logo Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Systems is the leader in providing network equipment to businesses and data centers across the globe. Cisco network equipment, that we sell, supports and enhances business communications in all forms of media - voice, data, and video. IP Communications (chiefly voice, Web, and video) are now an integral part of today's fast-paced networks. Through IP (Internet Protocol) telephony and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and other applications, we can effectively and intelligently communicate easily across the entire world. Even wireless LAN (Local Area Network) networks provide critical wireless LAN security, control issues, monitoring, maintenance, and deployment. Cisco's integrated security strategy provides multiple types of integrated protection that can identify and prevent security threats from happening, ensure information privacy to users, and control access points for corporate businesses and network administrators. Learn more: Cisco Network Equipment Overview

Brocade Networks Logo Foundry Networks LogoBrocade Foundry Networks, Inc. / Foundry Networks

In December of 2008, "Brocade completed it's $2.6 billion dollar acquisition of Foundry Networks, and appointed two non-Foundry executives to develop its overall network product offer, and run a technology office." Foundry Networks is well known for its load-balancing switches and other data networking products that include such features as: advanced Layer 2-3 switching, application traffic management (Layers 4-7), perimeter and internal security, and Internet and metro routing. Foundry Networks equipment includes high-performance switching, routing, security, and application traffic management solutions for edge and backbone Ethernet switches, Web and content-aware application switches, network-wide security solutions, wireless LAN and access points, and Internet edge and service provider for core MPLS routers. To learn more, go to: Brocade Foundry Family of Products Overview. To learn more about Brocade's acquisition of Foundry Networks, go here: Brocade Buys Foundry. GGI Networks is an Authorized Select Brocade Partner.

Juniper Networks Logo Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks equipment provides high-performance network routers that provide fast, reliable, secure access to services and applications over a single network. Juniper Networks provides several router product families.

Ericsson Logo Marconi FORE Logo Ericsson Marconi FORE

Ericsson Marconi FORE is a manufacturer and supplier of telecommunications and network equipment and is known as an "old school storage networking vendor". The Ericsson Marconi FORE multi-service network modules deliver multimedia applications for today's narrowband telephony and military network needs.

Net Optics Logo Net Optics Equipment - Authorized Net Optics Vendor, Authorized Net Optics Reseller - New Net Optics Equipment For Sale! New Net Optics Sold Here!

Net Optics is the worldwide leader of intelligent monitoring access for security and network management applications. Net Optics' creative set of network equipment allows companies to access and monitor their network utilizing the most recent Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Protocol Analyzers, and Network Probes. Our products allow customers to have 24/7 passive network access and 100% visibility without ever having to introduce a juncture of failure. The final result is companies have the ability to: Monitor The Network Effectively, Troubleshoot The Network From Problems, and Secure Their Network Both Inside And Out. GGI Networks is an Authorized Net Optics Reseller. Call or email us today.

Dell Logo Force10 Networks Logo SonicWALL Logo Dell Force10 Networks, Inc. - Authorized Dell Force10 GOLD Partner, Authorized Dell Force10 GOLD Reseller, Dell SonicWALL Authorized Reseller, Dell Force 10 Authorized Partner - GGI Networks holds a "Networking and Security" competency with Dell.

Force10 Networks hardware provides reliable, network control, and scalability from the data center to the wiring closet. This equipment  creates unified network fabrics for today's enterprises. With patented advances in high performance systems, backplane designs, switching, and routing optimization technologies, Force10 delivers the tools that have allowed more than 700 enterprises, service providers and research organizations to transform their networks into a strategic asset. All Force10 Networks are sold here. GGI is an GOLD Authorized Force10 Vendor VAR, and we provide the deepest discounts to our customers!

Barracuda Networks - Authorized Barracuda Networks Vendor, Authorized Barracuda Reseller, New Barracuda Networks For Sale!

Save on New, Refurbished, and Used Routers & Switches - Buy, Sell, and Trade-In Your Network Hardware

When you buy, sell, or trade in your routers, switches, VoIP phones, or any network hardware equipment from Cisco, Foundry, Juniper, Brocade, Riverstone, Marconi, or Extreme - GGI Networks will give you a fair market value for any used network equipment. GGI Networks offers complete end-to-end flexible networking solutions. No need to replace your network gear with new gear, we give you excellent prices and you can save up to 50 -90% off the original list price!

Everything is under a FREE One-Year Warranty for end users, because GGI only delivers the highest quality of new, used, and refurbished routers, switches, VoIP phones, and other network equipment. Our inventory is huge! Every VoIP phone, router, and switch goes through a rigorous testing process and comes with a one-year warranty. You can make GGI Networks your trusted source for pre-owned Telecom equipment like switches, VoIP phones, routers, and other IT assets too.

Featured Network Equipment - GGI's Best! Call 1-800-908-9665!

CALL 1-800-908-9665! IN STOCK!!!

Cisco ASA5505-UL-BUN-K9
Cisco Firewall Security Bundle

Used Cisco ASA5505-50-BUN-K9 New Sealed

Cisco Firewall Security Bundle

Cisco UBR10-MC5X20H-D

UBR10-MC5X20H-D Cisco Processing Engine Module

Cisco UBR10-TCC+-T1
UBR10-TCC+-T1 Cisco Timing Communication & Control Plus Card

Cisco UBR-MC28U
UBR-MC28U Cisco Broadband Processing Engine Line Card

Cisco UBR7246
UBR7246 - Cisco Universal Broadband Router Chassis - 6-Slot Modular

Cisco UBR7200-NPE-G1 UBR7200-NPE-G1 Network Processing Engine for uBR7200 Series

Cisco WS-X6708-10G-3CXL WS-X6708-10G-3CXL Cisco Daughter Distributed Forwarding Card for 6700 Series Switching Module

Cisco WS-SUP720-3B

WS-SUP720-3B Cisco Supervisor Engine 720 for Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engines

Brocade Foundry SI850-PLUS

SI850-PLUS Brocade Foundry Networks ServerIron 850 Switch Chassis

Brocade Foundry BR-48000-40102
BR-48000-40102 Brocade Silkworm 4GB Port Blade

Cisco UBR7246VXR Bundle UBR7246VXR Bundle Cisco uBR bundle includes: (1) UBR-7246VXR Chassis, (2) PWR-UBR7200-AC, and (1) MAS-UBR7200-FAN.

Cisco UBR7223 Router Chassis Bundle

UBR7223 Cisco uBR (Universal Broadband Router) router bundle includes the following: (1) NPE-225, (1) UBR7200-I/O-FE, (1) PWR-UBR7200-AC, (1) UBR 7200 FAN TRAY, and (2) UBR-MC16C Line Cards!

To see more of GGI's Network Equipment, go here:

GGI's Best Used Network Equipment Buy Now!!!

GGI sells top-of-the-line pre-owned network equipment - buy here and save tons of money! Even if you don't see what you are looking for from this list, please call and let us know what you are looking for, because we have more than what is listed on this site. GGI receives network equipment and accessories on a daily basis. Also, for the best prices on used cisco and more visit our parent company, Genesis Global.

Toll-Free Telephone in United States 1-800-908-9665
Quality Assurance on All Used Network Equipment
One-Year Guarantee (for end users only)
Convenient Reliable One-Stop Shop for Used Network Equipment

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Featured Products:


Cisco WS-C6509 Switch

Cisco Catalyst 6509 Chassis, 9 Slot, 15RU, No Fan Tray.

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Cisco WS-C6509-E Switch

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Enhanced 9-Slot Chassis, 15RU, No PS, No Fan Tray.

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Cisco NPE-G1

Cisco 7200 Network Processing Engine with 3 GE/FE/E Ports.

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Buy Supervisor Engine

Cisco Supervisor Engine 720-3BXL - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series and Cisco 7600 Series Supervisor Engine.

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Buy Input Output Controller

Cisco UBR7200 Input/Output Controller with Dual 10/100 Ethernet.

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More Featured Network Equipment:



ASR 9006
ASR 9010




Brocade Foundry-VIEW ALL IN STOCK Inventory

Cisco Equipment

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Worldwide Shipping

FED EXGGI Networks sells to everybody - anywhere! Global priority shipping for used network equipment and refurbished network equipment is available to most continents. We carefully pack and insure all packages prior to shipping. For the most part, we use FedEx; however, if this is a problem let us know.

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Customer Testimonial 2012:

“We received the gear, and everything looks great. This stuff is practically brand new!” This is a recent testimonial from one of our satisfied customers - and this is just the norm!

At GGI Networks, we sell top-notch used network hardware. Enjoy the benefits of getting a FREE one-year warranty plan with each purchase. Buy from us with confidence!

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Customer Service

GGI Networks Tests & Refurbishes Network Hardware

Your business is important to us. We are in the habit of forming professional customer relationships. Our core focus is on delivering 100% customer satisfaction and used Cisco.

We actually really LOVE what we do here at GGI Networks, and we hope that it shows in our customer service to you. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of integrity in every transaction.

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Huge Inventory

GGI Networks Warehouse

GGI Networks offers the highest quality refurbished and used network equipment. We have at least $50,000,000 of stock on-hand and ready to ship out to you immediately!

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FREE 1-Year Warranty

All of our used network gear goes through rigorous testing processes and comes with FREE One-Year Warranty for end users. Extended warranties are available.

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